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St. Thomas Beaches

The following are some of the most popular beaches in St. Thomas.

Bluebeards Beach (Limetree Beach)

This beach is officially called Bluebeard's Beach, but many people refer to it as its original name, Limetree Beach. This beach is considered one of St. Thomas’ premier beaches. The beach’s shore bends around a cove, and the inland portion of the island is surrounded by tropical forests where iguanas live. The water off the shore is safe to swim in, and beachgoers who want to enjoy water sports can rent equipment on the beach.

Brewers Beach

Brewers Beach is situated close to the University of the Virgin Islands. Students and local residents frequent this beach. Although many people do not snorkel off the shore of this beach, it is a great spot for sunbathing and sea shell gathering. Visitors can buy food from beachside vendors.

Coki Beach

Coki Beach is renowned for its calm, pleasant, and crystal clear water off the shore. Many people snorkel here to observe the exotic tropical fish that swim off the shore. Beachside vendors sell food that can be fed to the fish to draw larger quantities of fish. There are also vendors selling food and drinks on Coki Beach. Tourists can participate in sponsored water sports during their visit to the beach.

Hull Bay

The western section of this isolated beach is ideal for surfing, while the other side contains calm waters. This beach is very tranquil, and it is not uncommon to see fishing boats off the coast. Beachgoers will not be able to find small vendors here, but there is a beachside bar, restaurant, and live music offered during the weekends on Hull Bay.

Lindberg Bay Beach

This beach is so beautiful that most visitors are not bothered by the planes flying overhead to the nearby airport. Although there are numerous restaurants and hotels located on the beach, it is usually not very crowded. Many families vacation here since the calm water is safe for young kids.

Magens Bay

Many people consider this popular destination as the most beautiful beach in the world. The crystal clear and calm waters are safe for young children to swim in. Although there are better spots to snorkel on the island, beachgoers can kayak, sail, and enjoy other activities during their visit to Magens Bay. Equipment is available for rental on the beach. There are also changing and showering facilities, picnic tables, and public restrooms on this beach. Numerous bars and restaurants are also available for beachgoers.

Sapphire Beach

Beachgoers can enjoy fantastic views of the surrounding islands on Sapphire Beach. This beach is a great family destination. Tourists can rent equipment to enjoy water sports at the nearby resort. Sapphire Beach is a popular location for windsurfing. Scuba and snorkeling gear can be rented at dive shop on this beach, and there are numerous restaurants available for beachgoers here.


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