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Suriname Attractions and Activities

Brownsberg Nature Park
The Brownsberg Nature Park sprawls across the Brokopondo District. Within the park are acres of Amazon rainforest full of tropical plants and exotic animal species.

Galibi Nature Reserve
The Galibi Nature Reserve is located in northeastern Suriname on the border of French Guyana. This reserve is the natural habitat of large sea turtles. In fact, within this reserve is the sole beach in the entire Atlantic where Olive Ridley Sea Turtles are known to nest. Since the region where this reserve is located is the meeting spot between the Atlantic Ocean and Marowijne River, it is a very biologically diverse area. The Galibi Nature Reserve can only be reached by boat.

River Trips in Suriname
Certain spots in central Suriname are only accessible through one of the country’s many rivers. Tourists interested in visiting one of its’ remote villages often must book a river trip. Many of these trips are conducted in large canoes or river cruise boats. Along the way, the beautiful scenery of Suriname can be enjoyed. There are also numerous villages that line the banks of Suriname’s rivers. A few of the many rivers cutting through Suriname include the Corantijn, Coppename, Saramacca, Wayambo, and Marataka Rivers. Taking a river trip down a Suriname river is an exciting and tranquil experience.

Mount Kasikasima
Mount Kasikasima is located in southern Suriname near bucolic Palumeu, an Amerindian village. It is just over 2,000 feet tall. Mount Kasikasima can only be reached after a two day trip in a dugout canoe. After completing the hike, panoramic views of the picturesque forests are available.


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