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Trinidad & Tobago Beaches

Trinidad is not renowned for its beaches, but the beaches on Tobago are one of its biggest draws. The beautiful coral reefs and abundance of sea life make it an ideal spot to scuba dive and snorkel. Likewise, on Tobago, adventurists can find great spots for most water sports. Tourists seeking trendy tourist regions or relaxed atmospheres will find an ideal beach for them on Trinidad and Tobago. These beaches are just a few of the most visited beaches in the region:

Canoe Bay Resort – This resort is situated on Canoe Bay.

Castara Beach – This beach stretches beside the North Side Road. There is more than a mile and a half of beach here.

Englishman's Bay – This beach stretches a half a mile of land beside the North Side Road.

King's Bay – This beach stretches a half a mile of land beside the Windward Road.

Man 'O War Bay – This beach is located along the Windward Road. There is about a mile of beach here.

Mount Irvine – There is nearly a mile of beach on Mount Irvine. It is near the large Mt. Irvine Bay Hotel, which is the location of one of the premier golf courses throughout the entire Caribbean.

Pigeon Point – The white sand Pigeon Point Beach is situated on Tobago’s leeward side.

Speyside Beach – Tourists who take Windward Road beyond King's Bay will drive past some of the most beautiful shoreline in the region. Some of the biggest Brain Coral throughout the world can be found at the splendid Speyside Bay Reef.

Store Bay – This small beach is located near the Store Bay Hotel.

Turtle Beach – This beach is situated on the Great Courland Bay.


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