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Trinidad Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago, situated in the south Caribbean Sea and only miles from the Venezuelan coast, is an independent island nation. Other nearby bordering islands include Guyana and Barbados.

Trinidad and Tobago are separate islands, with a combined landmass near 2,000 square miles. Most of the 1 million plus residents live in Trinidad. Over 90 percent of the nationís total landmass is also located on Trinidad. Compared to other tropical areas, it is also a safe place to live since it is not inside the hurricane belt.

Tourism related businesses are not the main economic activity on Trinidad and Tobago. Manufacturing, oil refining, natural gas and petrochemical production, are the central economic activities on the islands. Carnival celebrations are very popular on the islands.

Although the islands comprise one nation, there are big differences between the two islands. Most of the manufacturing and industry can be found on Trinidad, while the Carnival culture can be livelier on Trinidad than Tobago. However, tranquil nature reserves can also be found on Trinidad.

Tobago is more similar to other Caribbean islands than Tobago. Many hotels and resorts cater to tourists and stunning beaches and crystal clear water can be found. There is also a variety of botanical and animal life on Tobago.

Carnival activities usually do not begin until February; however, visitors can catch live musical performances of Carnival inspired music throughout the year. There is also a vibrant nightlife. Although it is situated near South America, non Hispanic cultures are more prevalent on Trinidad and Tobago.

While on the islands, tourists will find plenty to do and see. Beautiful beaches line the north shore, while nature preserves provide tourists the opportunity to observe some of the rarest birds in the world. Tours of the islands by boat can also be arranged, and large coral reefs and ocean canyons full of tropical fish, dolphins, and other marine life can be explored during a scuba diving excursion.


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