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Virgin Gorda Attractions and Activities

The Baths National Park
The Baths National Park is located near the islandís northern coast. This geological spectacle consists of gigantic granite stones that encircle protected pools near the shore. Also within the park is Devilís Bay, which is accessible from a group of ladders attached to large rocks. A pristine white sand beach is also located nearby. more...

Gorda Peak National Park
Gorda Peak National Park sprawls across more than 200 acres of land in an elevated region on the island. This is a great location to explore a tropical forest full of mahogany trees, tropical flowers, and other vegetation. Park visitors can also scale up an observation tower to enjoy magnificent views of nearby islands.

Mahoe Bay Beach
This picturesque and remote beach sits near Savannah Bay. There are numerous resorts, villas, and restaurants located here. Just off the beachís shore are two beautiful reefs that can be explored during a scuba diving trip. Beachgoers can also enjoy other water sports while visiting the beach.

Little Fort National Park
Little Fort National Park is located near Yacht Harbour. A large Spanish fort once stood here. Some of the fortís remnants still stand, including some stone walls and a building known as the Powder House. Also located within this national park is a wildlife preserve where many birds native to the island make their habitat.


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