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Virgin Gorda Resorts, Hotels and Villas

The following are some of the most popular and reputable resorts, hotels and villas in Virgin Gorda.

Leverick Bay Resort
This elegant beachfront resort can be reached by boat or car. During their stay, guests can enjoy water recreation, charter a boat, a pool, tennis, and a beauty salon. There is also a beach bar, restaurants, and internet service available for guests.
The Valley PO Box 63 Virgin Gorda
British Virgin Islands
Tel: 284-495-7421/7365
Fax: 284-495-7367

Biras Creek Resort
This resort is situated on 140-acres in a nature sanctuary. Since it is located on a peninsula, guests can only reach it by boat. It offers great cuisine and sponsored water recreation.
54 Virgin Gorda
British Virgin Islands
Tel: 284-494-3555
Fax: 284-494-3557

Mango Bay Resort
The Mango Bay resort offers large and stylish duplex cottages. The property sits on the beach, surrounded by tropical gardens. This resort is a great destination for snorkeling and sailing.
P.O. Box 1062 Virgin Gorda
British Virgin Islands
Tel: 284-495-5672
Fax: 284-495-5674

Nail Bay Luxury Resort Community
Guests have their choice of one or multiple room villas at this resort. They will also have access to three beaches, swimming pools and Jacuzzis, and the Dog and Dolphin restaurant. Each room is equipped with air conditioning, a kitchen, and telephones.
PO Box 69 Virgin Gorda
British Virgin Islands
Tel: 284-494-8000
Fax: 284-495-5875

Necker Island
This luxury resort sits on a private island. A variety of lodging options are available for guests, including a nine room house and five Balinese cottages. Guests can also enjoy a spa, exquisite food, fine wine, and excellent service during their stay.
The Valley Box 1091 Virgin Gorda
British Virgin Islands
Tel: 284-494-2757
Fax: 284-494-4396

The Bitter End Yacht Club
This all-inclusive luxury resort sits on Virgin Gorda’s North Sound. Guests will be treated to more water activities here than any other island in the Caribbean. A large marina and sailing school are located on the resort.
North Sound P.O. Box 46 Virgin Gorda
British Virgin Islands
Tel: 284-494-2746
Fax: 989-731-8119

Virgin Gorda Villas Rentals
The Valley Virgin Gorda Box 63 Virgin Gorda
British Virgin Islands
Tel: 284-495-7421
Fax: 284-495-7367

Crosswinds At Spring Bay
This exclusive villa hotel is surrounded by beautifully manicured gardens. Guests will be within walking distance of the popular Spring Bay Beach.
The Valley VG1150 PO Box 1020 Virgin Gorda
British Virgin Islands
Tel: 284-495-5368 (Manager)/284-495-6589 (Guest)

Fischer's Cove Beach Hotel
Guests have their choice between single room cottages and regular hotel rooms at the Fisher’s Cove Beach Hotel. A popular restaurant is located on the premises. Vacationers can enjoy deep sea fishing, island tours, and scuba diving and snorkeling trips while staying at this resort.
The Valley PO Box 60 Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda
British Virgin Islands
Tel: 284-495-5252
Fax: 284-495-5820

Guavaberry Spring Bay Vacation Homes
Tourists can rent fully furnished vacation homes at the Guavaberry Spring Bay. They will be within walking distance to a beach on Spring Bay. Each home is within view of Sir Francis Drake Channel. Guests can rent snorkel equipment while staying here.
PO Box 20 Virgin Gorda
British Virgin Islands
Tel: 284-495-5227
Fax: 284-495-5283

Olde Yard Village
Tourists can select either a single or multi-bedroom condo at the Olde Yard Village. This is not a beachfront property, but guests are only a short drive from the beach. Guests can rent jeeps and enjoy four-wheeling during their stay here.
The Valley PO Box 26 Valley, Virgin Gorda
British Virgin Islands
Tel: 284-495-5544
Fax: 284-495-5986


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