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Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda is an island located in the British Virgin Islands. There is only one other island in the British Virgin Islands where more people live. It also has a small landmass, only covering 8 square miles.

The center of business and other activities on the island is Spanish Town, situated in the southwest.

A rare geographic formation referred to as The Baths is a site of interest for many visiting Virgin Gorda. This geologic wonder contains evidence that the island originated as a volcano. Other popular sites include the Yacht Harbor and the remains of a copper mine in operation during the 1800’s. Those desiring luxury can stay on a world class resort located on the island.

Aside from great beaches on the island, there are many recreation options for vacationers. Tourists can explore the island during a hike, spend time with loved ones on a hidden beach, or spend a day at the historic Copper Mine. If visitors just want to relax, they can eat at a beachfront restaurant to observe the sailboats floating by.

Some of the world’s most luxurious resorts are located on Virgin Gorda. In fact, those desiring privacy can stay at a resort that can only be reached in a boat. There are also a variety of fine restaurants on the island. Virgin Gorda is a great place for fine living and dining.


Spanish Town Area
A variety of items are sold at the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor Shops including clothing, swimming apparel, and other souvenirs.

Shoppers looking for fine clothing can buy it at the Boutique at Little Dix Bay.

North Sound
Souvenirs, clothing, and other items can be purchased at the Bitter End Yacht Club.

A ferry is available for people wanting to visit Saba Rock. At Saba Rock, tourists will find marine souvenirs and jewelry that appears to have been recovered from a ship wreck.


The Baths are perhaps the island’s most famous tourist attraction. To reach the baths, tourists must walk through a series of caves, at times crawling through small passages. At the end of the caves is a harbor where swimming and scuba diving are permitted.

Spring Bay Beach: Located near the Baths, this is a great beach for those seeking tranquility after enjoying the Baths.

Savannah Beach: This is a great beach for those who enjoy privacy, and it is near Spanish Town. However, to reach the beach, tourists will have to do some hiking.

Bitter End Yacht Club: The majority of North Sound beaches are linked to private resorts. However, on Bitter End, people who are not guests of the resorts can hang out at its small beach. Also, if tourists are interested in water recreation, there are opportunities for sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, and other water sports at Bitter End.

For those interested on a guided one to two hour snorkeling excursion, it will cost $10-20 dollars for each individual.


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